New Year New You

Posted by Dave Green  |  29/01/2017

It’s a New Year, you’ve probably set your resolutions, and I bet one of them involved health. This can be a dull time of the year but the effort you put in now to making a better you will pay dividends in the Spring.


And good natural tea can really make a big difference. Through the winter fatty deposits and sugars build up in the gut and toxins cling to the lining of the intestines. Our Puerh detox tea is a gentle and natural way to clear the toxins and to make you feel and look better.


The tea contains natural antioxidants and Lactobacillus bacteria which are effective in breaking down the oily and fatty content of food, helping the digestive process and speeding up metabolism.  Because it clears out the toxins that line the intestines and stomach, Puerh Health Tea is a very natural way to keep your digestive system on track.


Our Oolong slimming tea is no gimmick, either. It simply help the body’s natural processes to burn more calories – 67 extra calories a day, and lowers cholesterol.


All Tea Cargo teas are imbued with potently strong qi, the body’s life energy that contributes in boosting blood and circulation and can even help improve your complexion.


Tea Cargo’s natural health teas comes from leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant  grown naturally in the mountain’s fertile soils of Yunnan Province just as it has for centuries. They are not a miracle cure – but simply a great healthy way to hydrate your body.


Try Tea Cargo’s Detox and Slimming Combo.



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