Be a better you

Be a better you

In China, where our natural health tea is grown, tea is seen as part of healthy living. It’s not a miracle cure for anything – but authentic tea can really make you look, feel and be, in better health.  We’ve been in the tea business for decades so we do know!

According to independent research a combination of our detox and slimming teas can:

  • Help you to lose weight;
  • Keep energy levels up;
  • Assist good blood circulation;
  • Improve complexion.

Our detox teas contain natural antioxidants and Lactobacillus bacteria, which are effective in breaking down the fatty content of food, helping the digestive process to clear out the toxins that line the intestines and stomach.

Our slimming teas are no gimmick, either. They simply help the body’s natural processes to burn more calories – 67 extra calories a day, in fact.

Use Puerh detox tea in the mornings and after eating to help digestion, and drink Oolong as your regular way to hydrate your body.