How seriously would Jenny take a playful insult?

How seriously would Jenny take a playful insult?

Only two words but the worst that Jenny Mills, aged 38, could bear to hear that morning. ‘Morning fatty’, the good looking fun guy from the holiday chalet next door had said as they sat down at adjoining tables in the restaurant for breakfast. Jenny had come on holiday with her friend Amanda and Amanda had never had to worry about her weight or her waist. That little comment, said quite innocently in misjudged fun, was to change Jenny Mills in a quite significant way.

The truth is Jenny was not a fatty. Like a lot of people she had from puberty been a little on the heavier side. She was successful, incredibly busy and her lifestyle along with a number of not very enduring relationships had transpired to take her eye of the most important ball. The ‘ME’ ball. Her poor diet, snatching food when she could, eating too late and too ready-made, had over a period of time resulted in the discernible addition to her tummy.

Maybe it was being on holiday, away from the everyday pressures, and with time to think about ‘ME’ for once. Maybe it was the extra exposure you get when in a swimming costume by the pool, that caused those two words: ‘morning fatty’ to have such an effect on Jenny Mills. She vowed that next year nobody was going to mistake the ‘lifestyle baggage’ for tubbiness.

It is a year on and Jenny Mills is packing for her holiday with, yes, her good friend Amanda. This year she feels so much better about the prospects. Jenny would tell you that getting your body into better shape is no walk in the park (though her efforts included many of those, also). But she had put her energy into researching all the slimming options. She soon understood that there were many over-the-top fads out there.  Halfway through Kriss Karr’s best-selling Crazy Sexy Diet, she realised that she was not going to be obsessive about slimming. Just infinitely sensible.

Jenny Mills is not as Sunday Supplement slim as her friend Amanda. But she is trimmer, and healthier than a year before. Most important, as she packs for this year’s holiday, she feels really good about ‘ME’. Jenny is typical of many Tea Cargo Oolong drinkers. On its own the effect of drinking Oolong Tea is marginal, but as part of a sensible lifestyle and eating plan, it really can make a measurable contribution. Jenny had read how Oolong Tea had helped slimmers shed an extra 67 calories a day in properly controlled clinical trials. She had also found out on the internet from independent studies that it can add to an improved complexion. But what she liked most was that all she had to do is drink tea, and though she had made changes to her previously bustlingly-busy lifestyle, no matter how busy she was she could always put the kettle on.

Slimmer body – vibrant complexion, everything she wanted to take on this year’s vacation.