This iced tea is nice tea

This iced tea is nice tea

You can buy packets of iced tea, but generally speaking they’re not very good for you. So why not use real healthy teas, in wonderful summer flavours, to produce something really special? Have a look at

The Summer Collection and think about making iced tea with a difference. Here is a suggestion:

Pour boiling water into a jug with 5/6 bags of Organic Green Tea & Ginger (to taste). Leave for 5 minutes and remove bags.

Pop in the fridge. When really cool add some ice, the juice of a lemon and hey presto. Serve in a long glass (optional extras: cucumber, orange and borage (or mint). And if you (especially raspberries), sliced grapes or passion fruit.

With this iced tea idea you not only produce something different that’s full of flavour, but also a really healthy alternative that is perfect to hydrate the system. The bonus is theses health teas help you keep the weight off (some of our teas have shown in studies to help the body burn an extra 67 calories a day), help keep your complexion looking good (a study in Japan showed how the complexion of 63% of those studied improved in just one week of drinking Oolong Tea), and give you extra energy. Tea really is the Pimms – so make tea while the sun shines!