Puerh Tea for the big Detox

Puerh Tea for the big Detox

Try as we all may, over the Christmas and New Year, we eat and drink too much and put our stomachs under huge stress. Late nights and sleeping in add to the problem as create an environment where fatty deposits and sugars build up in the gut. In fact the toxins cling to the lining of the intestines. Of course there are medical and chemical solutions but the Chinese have used an effective and natural solution for centuries: Puerh Health Tea.

Tea Cargo’s Puerh Health tea comes from leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant  grown naturally in the mountain’s fertile soils of Yunnan Province just as it has for centuries .

The tea contains natural antioxidants and Lactobacillus bacteria which are effective in breaking down the oily and fatty content of food, helping the digestive process and speeding up metabolism.  Because it clears out the toxins that line the intestines and stomach, Puerh Health Tea is a very natural way to keep your digestive system on track.

Also imbued with potently strong qi, the body’s life energy that contributes in boosting blood and circulation and overcomes minor aches and pains.

So simply drinking this tea – before going out on the town, on return, and during the next few days you will be giving your stomach a much better chance of recovery. Then keep drinking it (no milk or sugar!) to redress the issues caused by the season’s excessive lifestyle.

We are selling 2-month’s supply of Puerh tea for just £17.99 to get you right through the Christmas and New Year period. You’ll feel better, fitter and struggle less the days following over-doing it. Why not start your big detox today by clicking here.