Controlling Cholesterol

The antioxident properties of tea, regular exercise and of course, diet all help.

Controlling Cholesterol

Keeping LDL cholesterol, known as ‘bad cholesterol’, under control can reduce the potential for a stroke and heart attack caused by the narrowing of arteries. Good exercise, sensible diet and reducing stress can all help the heart to function healthily. Quality natural tea is an ancient beverage and has long been considered a health drink. But modern day studies give further credence to these issues as referenced below:

A study at China`s Kunming Medical College that consisted of 86 patients with unusually high levels of blood cholesterol found that 55 of the patients were given a regimented dose of puerh tea three times a day showed a 64.29% reduction in blood cholesterol levels.

A further study by the University of Maryland: Research shows that tea lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

One study done at the Wun-Shan Branch Tea Research in Taipei, Taiwan compared the effects of various natural teas in reducing bad cholesterol. The study showed puerh tea resulted in an increase of HDL-C (good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL-C (bad cholesterol) which means that with puerh tea you get the best of both worlds, an increase in the cholesterol that you do want and a decrease of the cholesterol that you don`t.

Worried about your cholesterol levels – drink Puerh tea regularly and NO MILK OR SUGAR!